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Holiday Sale

Owego Gymnastics & Activity Holiday Store

Rainbow Lettering Owego Gymnastics Holiday Store
                       We are selling Owego Gymnastics apparel in our Rainbow Lettering Holiday Store until November 5th. Please check it out. Store orders must be in by Nov 5th at midnight.
Orders processed Nov 6th at 9:00 am.

          The Owego Gymnastics Team/XCEL Booster Club will receive $3.00 per product purchased. 

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Taekwon-Do Holiday Store
The Taekwon-Do Booster Club will be selling Taekwon-Do items for the holidays. check it out..
The The Taekwon-Do Booster Club will receive a portion of the money from the sales

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Gymnastics Items Holiday Store
The Center is selling a few equipment items to help your little gymnasts practice at home. 
Check out what we are selling!

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Below are three items the Center will be selling for the Holidays.

If you would like any of these products, please fill out the form below and submit. Then use the PayPal button at the bottom of the page, or pay in the office to receive confirmation of purchase.

All orders must be submitted and paid by Dec 1, 2023 for us to order.
Wedge Mat - $230
Wedge Christmas.jpg
Wedge Colors Christmas.png
Pink or Red 
Folding Mat - $248
Mats Christmas.jpg
Mat Colors Christmas.png
Purple/Blue; Purple/Pink; Red/Yellow; Purple; Blue; Black; Purple/Green; Pink/Green or Red/Blue   
Balance Beam - $276
beam Christmas.jpg
Holiday Shop Purchases
If ordering Wedge Mat. please select color.
If ordering Folding Mat. please select color.

Thanks for your order. You must pay before Dec 1, 2023 or your order will not be placed. You will receive confirmation after payment is received.

Online Payment for Items Above
If you would like to make an online payment for one or more of the above items, please use the PayPal button below. You must pay before your order is complete. Make sure you fill out and submit the order form below to place your order. Confirmation will be sent when order and payment have been received.

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