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About Us

Owego Gymnastics and Activity Center

Owego Gymnastics and Activity Center is a 501(c)3 Not-For-Profit organization that promotes social and physical development in the community by providing a variety of gymnastics, fitness, and health related activities. The result is a positive learning environment encouraging personal growth, leadership skills and self-confidence developing positive habits and a life long interest in physical activity. Owego Gymnastics and Activity Center provides high quality activities in a fun, safe atmosphere. The Center has been serving families in the Owego and surrounding areas since 1964. First as The Girls-Athletic and Gymnastics Club of Owego, then Owego Scamps Gymnastics Club and now as Owego Gymnastics and Activity Center we strive to serve the community in as many positive ways as possible. Program Services at the Center are currently: Competitive Team, S.T.A.R.S. Program (our advance gymnastics program for non-competitive children) Beginning & Intermediate Gymnastics (Diamonds & Advanced Diamonds), Boys (Tornadoes), Younger children (Bears), Preschoolers (Tigers), Parent and Tot (Lions), Class for children with Special Needs (Kids R Special), Open Gym, Parties, Taekwon-Do, Dance, Summer weeks, and Field trips for other organizations such as Head Start and Franziska Racker Center.

2019-2020 Board of Directors

Tara Lounsbury, President
Deb Simmons, Vice President
Jody Bensley, Treasurer
Tracy Harbol, Secretary

Aaron Aman, Member

Brian Bauer, Member
Gwen Delarm, Member

Meghan McNally-Morse, Member

Tammie Warner, Member
Jana Bowen, Executive Director

How You Can Help!

You can donate or you can become a corporate sponsors.  You will align yourselves with an organization with a history and reputation of quality programs for members of our community.